Teaching Reiki

I am excited to write that I am now teaching Reiki.

The planet is in a state of significant transformation and I am feeling the shift. I know it’s time to start teaching what I have learned over the last twenty years in my healing practice.

I have taken a few private students and have also been co-teaching a short series of advanced Reiki Workshops in Davis, California. My teaching practice is slowing taking form, evolving from my healing business and daily meditations.

This website, ReikiCentered, is devoted to the five-element system of Reiki for meditation, awakening, healing yourself and sharing that healing with others. The heart of this Reiki lineage is a solid daily practice.

Below is a thoughtful account from one of my students of how daily Reiki treatments can

“…¬†garner the power of the spirit to come back to yourself, to the present, the now, the moment between breaths where everything real lives. With a daily Reiki and meditation practice, whatever will happen becomes more “doable” because one is completely there, in the moment, in spirit.”

Thank you, Silvia, for taking the time to write this wonderful reflection on your Reiki journey:

“When my Reiki healer, Jeri Lawson, accepted me as her student for the Reiki 3 Master/Teacher level, one of the agreements we made is that I would have a daily Reiki practice.

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